Heavenly Bella

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Love Your Body


The picture on the left is back when I was married like in 2008. The picture on the right was right before 2015. After I started loving myself in 2009, I started working out and lost 65 Lbs in less than a year. Since 2014 it has become very difficult for me to lose weight due to the fact that I had my ovaries removed (due to having cysts on them) and started menopause at a very young age. I just kept gaining weight even if I exercised and ate right therefore I felt discouraged and just stopped. I think it also didn't help that I was extremely stressed at my full-time job. I gained like 30 lbs in a year. Now I eat healthier and move for ME! Not to lose weight but because I know it's good for me :)

It's so difficult as women to be happy in our bodies specially when you see so many girls getting surgeries done just to have the perfect bodies. And I have nothing against that. I've actually thought of doing that myself but then you hear the horror stories and think "no thank you, I love myself just the way I am". That's why it's so important to do the inner work so that you can be happy with everything on the outside.

The Heavenly You Mini Transformation 4 week program has a body love session to help you learn to love your body no matter where you are in your weight loss/gain journey.