Heavenly Bella

Empowerment Life Coach


Heavenly You Workshop

Marbella, thank you!  I really liked the workshop! I definitely learned a lot and can't wait to use these self love tools/statements everyday. I can't think of anything that needs to be improved. You did amazing! I felt comfortable sharing yet loved that there were moments we kept it private too. I'm super happy I went. Thank you so much!!😊

Update 10 Days Later:
I continue to say 'I love you' every time I see my reflection. Now I feel so much love every time I see myself😍😍😍

Update 3 Weeks Later:
I still keep my daily reminder in my car to stay patient. I also continued loving my self in the mirror and it's allowed me to appreciate myself. I believe more & more in my abilities & potential. Thank you for a wonderful class.


Heavenly Letting Go Workshop

I absolutely loved the letting go workshop. For someone who has already done some work on themselves I felt this workshop was finally the end to a hard but important chapter in my life. Not only had I never done a workshop like this, but the environment @HeavenlyBella created felt extremely safe and comforting for me to truly feel what I needed to let go of. Letting go is hard for someone who doesn’t like change and who doesn’t like to feel the negative emotions but I am so glad I did in this workshop. πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

- Cynthia

Heavenly Self-Love Workshop

I just want to say Saturday was just amazing! Thank you ladies for putting this together. The experience was unforgettable. Marbella, you helped me find myself & that I can get thru anything if I set my mind to it.

- Veronica

Heavenly You Workshop

Hi Bella, I just want to thank you for having me in your workshop. It helped me take a huge load off my back. The different exercises to love our self were great because we get so carried away taking care of everyone else that we forget who is really important here (me!!!!)

- Maria 

Heavenly Self-Love Workshop

Thank you for the coaching, listening ear and support. It felt wonderful to be heard, gotten and loved. Thank you for the space to just be, flaws and all.

- Malika

Heavenly You Workshop

I loved the workshop, all the activities were amazing and really helped me let go off any baggage I had from the past. It also helped me take a big leap forward into self love. With tools I can do in my everyday life to continue walking down the path of self love. My favorite activity was the 100 things and the mirror. I never look at myself for that long so to finally do it, I felt a sense of relief and will practice everyday.

- Magdalena

Heavenly Self-Love Workshop

When the feminine power GLOWS! Thank you to these beautiful souls for sharing your gifts with us! I feel so AMAZING right now 😁 I'm glowing! Thank you for the space to flow and release. @heavenlybella the reminder of self love was so powerful. Thank you for helping me love the lil girl that lives inside of me πŸ™

- Cynthia

Heavenly Letting Go Session

Marbella helped me release old energy that was stagnant in my body. She guided me on how to let go and release Energy that was holding me hostage. I have now begun to transition into the new me and been able to appreciate life's  blessings to what they are  I am learning how to let go and let god. I cannot wait to see her again

- Lola

Heavenly Self-Love Workshop

Thank you @heavenlybella for reminding me that I am worthy of loving myself and loving the little girl that is trying to find her way in this big ass world. The Universe is speaking ❀❀❀


Heavenly You 12-Week Transformation Program

This was a first for me. I was nervous at first, but with each session I grew to love it and look forward to the next. I learned a lot. At the end I walked away more knowledgeable and confident about making the right choices. Marbella hands down is the best. I'm truly blessed to have had her as my coach. I highly recommend her.

- Silvia